When I was first approached by David Chachere to direct Janet Stilson’s The Beauty of Disaster, I was pretty clear on why I was interested in this particular project. Janet hones in on a relationship very dear to my heart: sisterhood.

I was drawn to the bond the sisters shared, but I was also connected to the humor and lightness Janet portrays in her story. I believe that most of us live our lives around hope, and it’s with that sense of hope that we are able to get through some of the hardest times in our lives.

The focus on one sister using another sister’s “powers” to get ahead was not only an inviting premise to me, but it was a very relatable one. Having an older sister who I’ve admired for years, we’ve had our share of jealousy, competition and adoration, but in the end it’s our love and belief in each other that has gotten us through some of the rougher patches in our lives.

Movies are an escape from reality… they can also be a vessel to someone’s heart and mind. Janet has managed to pull together a story that not only captures the true essence of love and heart, but she manages to create a world that can easily be misconstrued as a “hoax” and sprinkles in just enough humor, enabling her audience to laugh at life and understand the true meaning of love.